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From enquiry to being on the medication took less than two weeks! Such a quick and efficient process, guided every step of the way by Bill and Dr Divya, both with great advice and knowledge of the medication. Of course their consultation is free of charge and with no obligation which is a bonus. I decided to go for it after being so conscious about my skin since being a teenager.

I didn’t experience any purge in the first months of taking Accutane, but I did get very dry skin and lips which is very common for this type of medication. My skin became noticeably better within the first 3 months which boosted my confidence a lot, especially when other people would give me compliments!

Dr Divya recommended me some great products to help with the effects of the dryness, which helped a lot. The whole team at Botonics are great and couldn’t do enough to help me throughout the process, even down to replying quickly to emails with my queries.

For anyone having trouble with their confidence due to their skin and whom have be turned down by the NHS, then this is definitely the right place to come! I put it off so many times and wish I’d started sooner, but I’ve now completed my six month course and could not be happier!

Many thanks to everyone at Botonics for helping me get to this point.

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