Accutane treatment

by admin

My son is 17 and was on the NHS waitlist for Accutane at the start of lockdown. He was really disheartened when he learned that his treatment would not be able to start but his dermatologist has hoped to see him around April/May time. By April it didn’t look like things were opening up at all so I started to research private options.

When I found Botonics, I was pleased to see that the price of treatment was listed on their website- always a plus in my book. I then went to read the reviews and was really struck by how glowing they all were.

I decided to contact Botonics and got an email straight back from Bill (on a Sunday). We had a chat and set up a video consultation with my son and Dr Joshua which was free of charge. It was so professional and seamless and I really felt we were being given the best advice with no pressure at all.

We had blood tests done remotely and my son started his treatment on accutane within a week of my first email. We had the drugs sent directly to us as well. We have just finished the 6 months of treatment and my son’s skin is amazing. He has a bit of scarring but it is fading already and his skin is completely free from spots. The worst side effect was probably the dry lips which he had throughout but they were definitely a price worth paying.

We had regular video consultations and blood tests throughout- everything was done remotely as we are in Northern Ireland. Bill & Dr Joshua were amazing to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend Botonics to anyone. They always got back to us straight away and my son found Dr Joshua really easy to talk to and helpful.

We are still waiting on the call from our local hospital to schedule my son’s dermatology appointment so we definitely made the right choice to go private! We are lucky we are in a position to do so and doubly lucky to have found Botonics.

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