Acne Problem Finally Solved

by admin

I always had issues with acne stemming from high school, thought it would pass as I grew up as it was a ‘teenage thing’ growing up, as the doctors/NHS etc would say, but never did.

Would have a quite an adverse effect on self confidence during those years and after, began to contact clinics/dermatologists in early 20s that would recommend things that I had already tried like creams and antibiotics, or would try to sell their own skin care products and it would usually be a cycle of that process. Found Botonics online and contacted them where I was able to get a free consultation, spoke with Dr Divya who reviewed my situation, face etc. took a blood test and once that came back they were happy to put me on isotretinoin, which was something I was hoping to be on all along as it was always recommended.

Received the medicine, instructions and all the details in quick succession from Botonics who are incredibly quick to repond to any questions/queries whether by email or phone. The experience regarding the medicine itself was good, the dryness of the face slowly kicked in after 2-3 weeks so I had to change moisturiser to combat that, lip balm for the dry lips and the occasional eye drops for dry eyes, I knew of the side effects beforehand as I was made well aware from the clinic during the consultation in advance. This would also be something they would regularly help me with throughout the treatment by giving advice on the matter.

Finished my prescription recently and there are no words to describe the skin transformation! Despite never visiting the clinic due to covid and travel related restrictions I always felt looked after and safe in their care, always had a method of communication if I ever needed to contact them. Regular check ups and blood tests which were always well organised, delivered and done on time so there was no waiting around or impatience. Never felt forced to do this or try that like with a lot of other places, I only wish that I did come to them sooner to help with my acne issues, feel a lot more confident in public/work and just a lot happier in general :). I would highly recommend Botonics as it has been an incredibly positive experience all round and I plan to continue to use them in the future!

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