Acne sufferer for years, Botonics have given me my confidence back!

by admin

I have been suffering from moderate, extremely persistent acne for over 2 years now. I hit my late 20’s and BAM it was acne city central on my face. I had tried everything from every topical, hormone therapy, antibiotics right down to extreme chemical peels. Literally nothing worked for me. I waited 1 years on an NHS waiting list for a dermatologist just to be told “it’s not that bad, even Cameron Diaz has acne so don’t worry about it”. I was at my wits end. My fiancé knew how much my skin was getting me down and suggested I see a private dermatologist. After scouring the Internet and literally hundreds of reviews, Botonics seemed to be the answer. I filled in a simple form on their website to express my interest, and to my surprise I had a call the very next day from Bill to see if I wanted to arrange a free consultation with one of their dermatologists. I was booked in with Dr Divya at a time that suited me and she was so wonderful. She listed to my concerns, understood what I was trying to say and helped me make the decision to start isotretinoin. I was made aware of all the side effects and had to do a blood test in order to make sure I was healthy enough to start the medication. After this, my meds were sent out to me and I was ready to start!!

I have just finished my first month and already I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I haven’t had any deep cysts at all, however I have had a purge of a few little spots (which heal in 3/4 days on their own). My skin is definitely very dry and I have now become a lip ba connoisseur!! I’ve got another 5 months to go yet but from the results so far I am very impressed. Bill and the Botonics team are so quick to respond to any silly question I may have, and nothing is too much for them to help with. I WISH I hadn’t spend so many months of my life miserable and locked away when a solution was right in front of me all this time. I cannot recommend Botonics highly enough. Please let this review help you make the right choice to just go for it, if you are in doubt please don’t be, Botonics is wonderful and they are slowly giving me my confidence and happiness back!

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