After suffering from acne for many…

by admin

After suffering from acne for many years and never being able to get on top of it with antibiotics or otc products I asked my gp about accutane. When I was told the waiting list to see a dermatologist on the nhs was a year plus I felt really deflated, so I decided to go private. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my decision, within 2 weeks I had started isotretinoin and was on the road to clear skin. Side effects mostly consisted of dry lips and dry skin around my chin area. All of this was easily managed with a gentle cleansing routine and lots and lots of aquaphor lip repair. I had phone consultations with Dr Divya through out my treatment which I found really reassuring, she was able to answer any questions I had and was really supportive. We changed the dosage of my treatment through out depending on my progress. The whole process has been really efficient and I couldn’t recommend botonics more. My skin is the best it has been in years and I’m looking forward to maintaining it with them.

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