After surviving my teenage years…

by admin

After surviving my teenage years relatively unscathed, I developed adult-onset acne around 18 years old. Over the course of 10 years, I received the usual treatment; long term combined contraceptive pill ‘Yasmin’, topical and oral antibiotics, and then a course of isotretinoin on the NHS which was sadly unsuccessful. Two years later, I wanted a second course of isotretinoin, but getting a referral from the NHS was difficult and lengthy. Then I found Botonics online after a great deal of research. The consultation with Botonics was quick, direct and very easy, not to mention free with no obligation to commit. Then, the time between the initial consultation and receiving my tablets via postal delivery was days and the course of treatment was simple and efficient – communication with Botonics throughout course was clear, concise and friendly. Regarding side effects, I knew exactly what to expect as this was my second course of treatment, so I was fully prepared (lots of lanolin for my lips, plus eye drops and a very good hand cream). This time, I had a far greater ‘purge’, possibly because Botonics put me on to a higher dosage much quicker – during the purge, my skin’s texture was difficult for about 2-3 weeks and then, during the rest of the 6 month course, it was completely clear and like a baby’s skin! I couldn’t see a single pore, not even on my nose. Now, a month since finishing the course, my skin is still perfect and my pores are still miniscule. It was definitely worth the money and 6 months of dry lips – for example, I don’t need to wear much foundation (sometime none), I regularly get compliments on my skin and, to be honest, I think it’s made my skin look younger! A real confidence boost.

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