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I visited Botonics for the first time a few years ago and to be honest I did not know what to expect, I had never had any plastic surgery/procedures done before, particularly on the face, and therefore undoubtedly I was very nervous and confused as to what to expect, despite doing as much research as I possibly could. Once I arrived, the atmosphere was very professional and the staff extremely friendly. I initially chose Botonics after seeing all of the good reviews online and wanted to be sure that I was in trusting and professional hands. I did not actually realise at the time that I was able to complete the procedure straight after the consultation, which was very good news to hear, as I wanted to address the insecurities with my nose ASAP. The procedure itself took no longer than 10 minutes and the pain threshold I would say was approximately 3/10 (and my pain threshold is not that high). The specialist Dr. Narushchka Henriques was extremely professional and reassuring; answered all the questions/addressed all the worries that I had with honesty, and assured me of all the ins-and-outs before proceeding with treatment – it was clear for her that this was not a money-making scam and that she genuinely cares for her patient’s and would like to be as open and as honest about the outcome and potential side effects of bruising etc. (which for me did not last long at all, maybe a few days). Overall, the procedure was quick, relatively pain-free and once I saw the outcome in the mirror, I was extremely pleasantly surprised at what had come of my nose. For the first time in my life, the hook had gone and it was straight and I couldn’t remember a more self-esteem boosting moment if I tried (for people whose nose is their insecurity, trust me you will be able to relate).

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