Amazing Customer Service and Results

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I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager (now 43). I have taken every antibiotic and topical treatment imaginable, prescribed by GPs over the years, as well as spending endless amounts on over the counter products. About 15 years ago, I finally managed to get a referral to an NHS dermatologist and was put on a 4 month course of isotretinoin. This did clear my acne for about 10 years but sadly it did start coming back. However, my GP simply started the whole cycle again, of prescribing anti-biotics and creams. Mask wearing during Covid seemed to really have a negative impact on my skin and it became worse than ever with sore cystic acne. I know my skin is nowhere near as bad as some people have but it was so painful and left terrible scarring. It was also really affecting my confidence and made me reluctant to go out.

Getting a dermatology referral through the NHS was hard enough at the best of times and so getting one during Covid seemed an impossible task. I was advised IF I was referred, I would then be looking at around a 12 month wait to see a dermatologist.

I therefore starting to research private dermatology. There were a couple locally but they too required a GP referral first and then also had about a 4-6 month waiting list. I then found Botonics. I did so much research because to be honest, the thought of getting medicines/healthcare online did worry me. However, I could find nothing but positive reviews and information and so decided to contact them for a free consultation. After sending my initial email enquiry, I was contacted within a matter of hours. I was concerned that there may be a hard sell during the consultation but this was not at all the case. I was advised that I was a suitable candidate for Isotretinoin and could proceed if I wished. I left it about a week to think about and the only thing really stopping me was the price. It is a lot of money to go private but my research showed me the price was comparable to other private dermatologists. I eventually decided it was worth the investment and so got back in touch.

Before going on the drug you must supply a blood sample and pregnancy test. As I don’t live locally, I opted to have the blood tests posted out to me which I received within a matter of days. It comes with a lot of instructions and video links on how to perform it. I did find this a little tricky but I managed. After returning my samples and getting the all clear, I received my prescription after about a week. You can choose for Botonics to supply the Isotretinoin or you can get a prescription to buy it at your own pharmacy. I opted to buy it myself each month.

I had to submit pregnancy tests every month and a second blood test after about 6 weeks. Each month I had a check-up with Dr Divya where I could discuss any concerns and report on my progress.

I have experienced side effects – dry lips and nose, aches and pains, occasional nausea in the mornings but these were all manageable and entirely worth it for the results. I didn’t really purge but spots did continue during the first 8 weeks or so. After that, I never had another spot.

It’s great waking up in the morning and not having to look in the mirror to see what you might have to deal with.

I’m so glad I went ahead with the treatment and invested in my skin. If you can afford it, then I definitely recommend it. The customer service at Botonics really is excellent with swift responses to all emails, at all times of the day.

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