Amazing experince from day 1 !!!

by admin

September 12 2012
Day-1-my vaser lipo( inner thigh, outer thigh,knees and flanks) at Botonics.
Well, I will start with the free consultation I had with DR.Nurein. I asked like hundreds of questions and all were answered with kindness and respect. Not only that, although I have been asked not to make a decision at the time of consultation I was ready to sign an agreement and do the procedure immediately. I never done operations before and I was extra scared. But DR.Nurein told me everything I would expect during and after procedure he is so professional and knows exactly what he is doing.
Bill , my coordinator, the most amazing person in the world made everything easier, he treated me as if he knows me long time ago I felt I’m among family and seriously in safe hands. The care i saw gives an impression as if im a VIP.No matter how many times I changed the number of areas I want it to be done he was always flexible with it. Believe it or not Bill was the first who I called while setting in starbux after I had my procedure of four big areas!
Dr. Nurein I caused him so much headache , I have blood phobia you can imagine how many times I stopped him to take a break! Although i caused him delay and stress He kept on apologizing for me!!! He asked me to call anytime if I need any help.
The nurse, Aiste, was an angel on earth, she kept on holding my hands to make sure I’m fine!! All the time for over 3 hours, she cleaned me, dressed me up and gave coca cola to relax!!! I was treated as if I’m in 5 stars hotel.
I will keep you all posted about my case once I finish my 6 massage sessions(inclusive of total price)
Thank you so much Botonics, Bill, DR.Nurein and Aiste for making the procedure easier and smoother than my expectation !!
It is one of a life experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone who want to go for vaser lipo. I seriously don’t mind to go for same procedure again if I had other areas that need to be done.

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