Amazing Treatment!!

by admin

I have always suffered from acne since I was a teen however the acne became worse suddenly earlier this year. I was very stressed due to my skin & as NHS waiting lists are too long I wasn’t sure what option I had. I had already tried OTC products & antibiotics to treat my acne but it would never work for the long-term.
I found Botonics online & arranged a free-of-charge consultation ASAP. It was organised very quickly & I felt very comfortable speaking to Dr. Divya & relaying my concerns. She was very thorough with all the information & left me feeling confident in the treatment. My tablets were sent to my home within a few days and I was able to begin my treatment after just 5 days of the consultation.
The customer service team was very supportive & organised; they were very responsive to any queries I had & they were quick with setting up check-ups. I was given alot of information throughout my treatment which really helped to manage & ensure I received the best results.

At the beginning of treatment, I experienced a purge for about a month. I was made aware of this by my doctor & told ways to help manage my skin during this time. The side-effects I experienced were common & included dry skin/lips. They were not as worse as I imagined them to be & I was told of ways to deal with them. After the initial purge, my skin was becoming quite clear with the occasional breakouts & redness when my dosage would increase. Overall, my skin became clearer within the first 3 months of treatment.
Now that I have completed my treatment, I wish I had known sooner!! I was so well supported by the whole Botonics team & I am so pleased with my results. My family and friends have commented on how good my skin looks & this has increased my confidence a lot. I have really enjoyed my experience with Botonics & I will recommend them to anyone who is suffering from acne. This treatment has been the best decision for my skin & I am so grateful to the Botonics team & Dr. Divya for making this possible!

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