Botonics for Accutane is a fantastic experience!

by admin

Since lockdown first began in March last year, I began suffering my second spell of acne. The first spell I fortunately healed with benzoyl peroxide – but after trying acnecide again, antibiotics, and various other recommended methods to no avail, going through a lot of sadness, self-blame, and social withdrawal in the process, I needed a more permanent solution to ensure this never happened again. Unfortunately, the NHS waiting time for accutane was to be 6 months – I was so down, knowing I had to pointlessly go through many more months of acne, potentially risking more scarring.
This all just shows you how great Botonics is, and how lucky I was to have found it. I found them on reviews online, and sent them a message anxiously – I had a video appointment with a Specialist Doctor the very next day. After going through a simple postal blood test to ensure it was safe for me to take it, I received my entire accutane supply to my door within two weeks of my first message. In the six months it would have taken me to have had my first NHS appointment, I will finish my entire course of accutane, and surely will have clear skin.
If you can afford it, it is a no-brainer – the price is worth the freedom it gives you. I am now two months into my course, lucky enough to have had no side affects, and any concerns or worries I had were always responded to by Bill in a kind and informed manner, while my appointments with the Specialist Doctor were always smooth and informative. All my accutane was even delivered to my door at once, meaning I didn’t even have to go to a pharmacy to get my order. The whole process has been so smooth, and I am already seeing changes. If you are suffering with acne and are able to afford this, I highly recommend Botonics! I am incredibly thankful to have been lucky enough to have found them, and to everyone involved for improving my life dramatically.

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