Botonics for Roaccutane? Do it!

by admin

I have suffered with painful and sporadic acne for around 8 years which I could never seem to find a solution for. As I got older, my skin went through stages of getting better and then flaring up again, which was VERY frustrating and debilitating to my confidence. The acne was very difficult to manage, as I work long hours in which my skin would often feel dry, painful, itchy and the acne would look sore and bumpy. I have tried topical creams and antibiotics through prescriptions from multiple GP’s, who often disregarded my problematic skin as a general part of puberty and said that it would pass over time. I have tried an endless list of over-the-counter acne treatments, which I probably spent more time and money doing than I would have done on treatment. This had been going on since the age of around 13 (I am now 22 years of age) and I had started to feel like every attempt was hopeless. It got to the point where it started to appear on my shoulders and upper back, which was when I knew I had to start looking into a consistent and reliable solution.

I came across Botonics after a spontaneous google search, and after reading reviews and doing a thorough research I could find only sparkling reviews. There were so many examples of situations exactly like mine, and so I thought I had to finally give it a go. I initially reached out through a quick email, and within a couple of days I had a completely free, no obligation video call consultation with the wonderful Dr Divya, who was very understanding and informative. She thoroughly explained how the treatment would work, and the possible side effects plus how to handle them. I then spoke to Bill, and decided on a payment option, the entire course of tablets was sent directly to me. Bill has helped me through the entire process so far, and has responded promptly to any enquiries I have, no matter what they’re regarding, in a professional and helpful way. As I mentioned, I work very long hours and so I’m not the most flexible person it terms of time; this however was never an issue and I have never had to alter my schedule for the treatment. The whole process has been straightforward, easy and very impressive.

In terms of the medication itself, I am so happy with my results so far. There was an initial ‘purge within the first week, which was as expected. For me, this didn’t last long at all. My skin and scalp were very dry, however with a healthy amount of moisturiser and other bits recommended to me from Botonics, this passed very quickly. The only notable side effect I still notice is dry lips, however this is manageable with a good lip ointment and applied regularly. In terms of the dry skin that seems to be the most common side effect, I have managed to avoid this following a very strict regime. During your consultation, I would definitely recommend asking for product recommendations. I’d say the MOST important thing is to wear a very generous amount of SPF EVERY day and to carry a lip ointment everywhere. I have avoided wearing makeup (because I genuinely don’t feel like I need to anymore!!!!), however for when I do, I just switched out my old matifying products for moisturising ones (I had very oily skin before beginning treatment) and this was fine!

Overall, It has all been so worth it! Now that I have had the treatment for a few months, I see nothing but positive results. My painful cysts have now stopped and my body acne has completely cleared up. The scarring and pigmentation on my skin has also reduced and overall, my skin is unbelievably smooth. I would 100% recommend this to anyone, and I WISH I had done it sooner!

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