Botonics is the best I have over 8 years experience

by admin

You only have one face and you need to think carefully about where you go. Yes dermal fillers have risks but not if you go to the right place. You need to be seeing someone who is busy therefore they have a lot of experience. Dermal fillers are best administered by someone with an artistic eye. The result you get is 90 percent down to the skill of the injector. Most places if you request lip augmentation will do this for you but don’t you want someone to look at all your features and offer you advice rather than take your money for a treatment that just might not suit you if what you really need is a cheek augmentation and botox? Botonics is the most professional company I have come across. Trust me I’ve been to a few with bad results and no aftercare. Botonics have helped me through a bad experience that I had for that I will be forever grateful . I am 45 people say I look early thirtys. Did this happen overnight… No .. But under the care of the Botonics team this is what I’ve achieved. If you want to go to a place that knows how to administer treatments safely and professionally with great results I can’t recommend Botonics enough. Please be careful when you choose where to go dermal fillers are everywhere even in a beauty salon with someone who probably sees 7 people a week . At Botonics there busy all day all week the experience they have and the service they offer is outstanding . Naruschka’s expertise cannot be matched and I know this as I found out the hard way by going to places that couldn’t offer the right advice and most of all the correct treatment. I hope my review has helped anyone who is considering Botonics. You will be in safe hands and you will love the results.

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