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I have been plagued by under-eye hollows for the last few years ; consequently I always looked tired and older than my years. Having done a fair amount of research into the various methods of treating these hollows, I could not get comfortable with any of the surgical/non-surgical procedures and decided against any treatment. I was highly cautious about fillers in particular. While results that I had seen on Before/Afters online looked very good, it became very clear that this procedure needed to be done by an experienced professional that has done hundreds of these procedures, as injecting too superficially can give some very unattractive results.

Only once I came upon Botonics and read the positive reviews that I decided to reconsider and booked in a Consultation with Naruschka. She was very professional, took the time to discuss all options and concerns, and was not in the least pushy, which these days is truly a positive point. One should not feel pressured into such a procedure, but she put me at ease, and from her before/after photos, it was clear that Naruschka has talent and experience in successfully treating this area. I decided to proceed with the treatment. For two weeks prior to the procedure, I stopped all vitamins/supplements , took no painkillers and took arnica. To my astonishment, I experienced very very little bruising. I was concerned about not appearing overtreated but Naruschka has an aesthetic eye for detail and preferred to have me come back to see how my eyes had settled prior to injecting all the filler at once. I could not be happier with my results. Prior to this procedure, I was often asked if I was tired. 2 weeks afterward, my GP expressed surprise at my age, thinking that I was younger and I had not heard anything like that in a long while ! Therefore I thank Naruschka and Botonics and strongly recommend doing your homework and you will find that you can trust Botonics for the highest quality, professional treatment.

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