Botonics Plastic Surgery are professional and does good quailty work.

by admin

I had botox done by Naruschka, at Botonics Plastic Surgery, she was kind, gentle and explained everything before and during the procedure. She was precise, and did an excellent job. I am very happy at the job she did and i am looking forward to going back to Botonics to have my botox and filler done. I cannot wait. I am so happy with her work. I was always afraid to get it done as i have seen work done by other professional service people and the did a bad job.
Can you imagine how happy i was with the results and the out come. Naruschka, I cannot thank her enough and i look forward to going back to get my more work done.

ps. anyone knows me i am not easy to please and i was really happy with her and yes i lost 15+ years when she was done.

Michele Gill
Boca Raton, Florida

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