Botonics Roaccutane Treatment

by admin

I had previously suffered from acne lesions on my face that was diagnosed by a dermatologist. After discussing possible treatment options, I was recommended Roaccutane as a possible treatment option. As this was during the pandemic, there was a long wait time to begin treatment with the average wait time being a couple of months as a minimum. As I wanted to start treatment immediately, I had to find a Roaccutane provider that would allow this. This is when I discovered Botonics through a quick Google search. It had really high reviews so I was interested to see what they could offer. I then contacted Botonics and was put in contact with Bill who was very helpful in explaining the process of treatment which included: costs, treatment duration, and logistics of regular check-ups. Bill is always a short phone call or email away making it easy to contact him during treatment. Shortly after, I was put in contact with Dr Divya who had an initial consultation with me to discuss the suitability of Roaccutane based on my symptoms. She was more than happy to start me on an initial course of Roaccutane, provided my baseline level blood tests were suitable to allow treatment. The best thing was that I was allowed to start ASAP since my initial blood tests were okay. I am now 2 months into my treatment and the results have been amazing so far. For the first 2 weeks there was a fair bit of dryness and some initial purging however from week 3 onwards the results have been remarkable. All the lesions have cleared and my skin has got much clearer and I couldn’t have hoped for better results so far. I am hoping this continues through to the end of treatment and after. Also, the side effects have been much more manageable than what I read before starting treatment.

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