Botonics – separates itself from the rest by going the extra mile.

by admin

When undertaking my research and due diligence for the treatment I desired – non surgical nose job, I made contact with a number of reputable cosmetic surgery’s in London. I found that in each step botonics went the extra mile summarised below:

– friendly and knowledgeable staff
– free review via email after sending photos which were assessed
by the clinician and botonics gave you honest, clear feedback
about what was possible
– free consultation with the actual surgeon or specialist
– no pressure-selling
– a very personal service
– transparent and fully inclusive pricing

After having nose surgery five years ago to resolve functional issues it left my nose looking aesthetically displeasing with scar tissue and asymmetry and am hoping to improve this with non-surgical treatment. I plan to undertake a non-surgical nose job at botonics in the near future, Bill has been coordinating with myself and has been most helpful.

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