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Hi 🙂
I wanted to share with you my tear trough treatment experience with Botonics in order to help those of you who are reading this review, contemplating tear trough (or any similar) treatments. 9 months ago I was in exactly the same position; I had seen a surgeon at TRANSFORM, hoping to have surgery to remove my bags but unfortunately I was told I was not a suitable candidate – I was told it would make my eyes look hollow and Ill. After being told I was not suitable for surgery, I saw the coordinator for the non surgical procedures. She recommended a treatment called derma-rollers (which she said she’d had done and showed me these before and after pictures of her bags disappearing). She explained that this would help even out the skin and reduce the sign of bags. Willing to try pretty much anything to look less tired (I was 24 years old, male and fed up with everyone asking me if I was tired), I opted to go ahead and arranged an appointment with the doctor.
When I came in for the appointment, the doctor told me that the derma-rollers wasn’t the right option for me and that I’d not be happy with the results. She recommended I have filler placed into my cheeks. This wasn’t something id given any thought to and I was apprehensive about having something injected into my face – as a result, I asked if I could go away and think about it and then book another appointment at a later date. Before leaving, the same coordinator who recommended the derma rollers began explaining that, as well as the derma rollers, she’d also had the cheek fillers and again reemphasised her before and after pics (which previously she’d attributed to the success of the derma rollers but now said it was due to the fillers).
I began to feel slightly uncomfortable with the coordinator but I was desperate to see an improvement so I went ahead and booked the appointment. A week later I went to the surgery ready for the filler – when I arrived I explained to the coordinator and the doctor that I had researched fillers online and that most sites recommended a treatment known as ‘tear trough treatment’ and that I wasn’t sure having fillers put into my cheek would help. The coordinator immediately stated that the tear trough treatment was like playing Russian roulette and that most of the time your eyes will become permanently swollen – she then (after having only met me twice) stated that my eyes were like hers and that my tear duct didn’t operate efficiently and as a result, my eyes would almost definitely swell up and that I should avoid the tear trough treatment. She then, surprisingly, showed me before and after pictures of her tear trough treatment; her eyes looked very badly swollen and puffy. She said it was taken months after the procedure and that it took 3 years to correct it. The doctor then explained that because it was so dangerous and because so many patients had experienced negative results, they no longer offered the tear trough treatment and cheek filler was my only option. Having set myself up for filler and having already left one appointment without any treatment, I decided to go ahead with the cheek filler.
The doctor was very quick putting two mls in my cheeks and only injected a couple of times and then used her finger to push it around (I’d read online that this wasn’t good and ideally you should inject each time rather than try spreading it out with your finger). The cheeks looked okay and the filler didn’t look bad however, it didn’t help with my bags. It didn’t reduce the appearance of my bags and I wasn’t satisfied with the results – I did leave around £750 worse off though. Furthermore, they never called or emailed at any point afterwards to check up on me or to offer a follow up appointment. I felt the service was extremely poor and I felt I’d been misssold a treatment I didn’t need.
Still determined to reduce the appearance of my bags, I continued to research this tear trough treatment. I’d read in many places that if you have the procedure completed by a qualified and excellent practitioner then the results will be outstanding; otherwise, the results can be devestating. I called up the hospital group and they explained that they did no offer tear trough treatment and recommended cheek filler, explaining the same dangers and concerns as TRANSFORM. Admittedly, this did make me nervous about seeking out the tear trough treatment however, I was determined to not look consistently exhausted at 24 years old!
Eventually I came across a review forum where people had named Botonics (specifically Bill and Naruschka Henriques) stating that they had received excellent treatment and the results were very good. I decided to phone and make an appointment to find out more about the tear trough treatment. When I called Bill sounded very friendly on the phone and so I decided to go ahead and make an appointment for that same week. I met with Naruschka in an evening slot (at around 7pm which worked well from a work perspective) and I asked many questions regarding the potential risks and whether I would be likely to suffer any or leave disappointment. She assured me that the risks were very low and that the patients she’d treated were all happy with the results. When I explained that I wasn’t going to have the filler injected that evening and that I would go away and think about it, she didn’t try and force me to get it done – unlike the previous company (TRANSFORM), I didn’t feel under any pressure or obligation (because I’d taken up her time) to have this procedure. I went away and I thought about what we had discussed. I had a couple of follow up questions which I emailed to Bill and he responded almost immediately – always being very helpful despite the fact I still hadn’t spent any money nor had I actually committed to having any treatment at this point in time. I decided to go ahead and book the tear trough treatment and arranged a second appointment. I went back a week later and had the filler injected under my eyes. Naruschka was a lot more thorough than the lady at TRANSFORM, spending four times as long injecting the filler and injecting in several different places. I had two mls worth of filler and the procedure was relatively pain free with very little discomfort. Over the coming days, I did bruise and my eyes did swell however, this went down quickly and the results after a week were fantastic!
My bags had completely disappeared for the first time in 6 years and the results far exceeded my expectations. I was so happy I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror – immediately friends and family noticed, commenting on how good I looked. Many described me as looking a lot healthier and refreshed. I gained back my confidence and I finally got my bags removed. Over the coming months, the results got better and better, with my closet friend stating that he didn’t think at first the filler was a good idea however now, given my bags had completely disappeared, he was glad I went ahead with it.
It’s now been about 8 since I had the tear trough treatment and testimony to the great results is the fact I have just booked to have them redone again. The results lasted about 8 months for me however, I’ve heard the more you have it done the longer each one lasts – so my first one at 8 months maybe shorter than you can expect after a few procedures.
Not only was the actual procedure carried out exceptionally well, the aftercare was second to none. I was invited back after a month for a review and my concerns I had at first (surrounding the swellig and brushing) were addressed immediately (they always responded to my emails quickly and returned my calls). They also helped address issues relating to my skin and have helped recommend treatments for this, superseding their role as part of the tear trough treatment. It’s clear to me that Naruschka has a genuine passion for helping others and that it’s not all about making money for them!
I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this review and thinking of having a tear trough treatment to go book an appointment. You can talk through any concerns you may have with them and they offer financial plans which means you don’t always have to pay the entire sum upfront. Trust me, the few hundred pounds you spend will be money very well spent as it’ll bring your face back to life and finally remove the appearance of those bags which are getting you down!

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