Botonics Vaser lipo, It Does what it claims it Does.

by admin

After 15 years of trying to get into shape, one that would give me a peace of mind, i am actually living it today. I had my inner and outer thigh regions done. Without having to constantly change my physical shape by workouts and living in a gym, something i did most of my youth. i am now able to keep the body shape that i feel at one with at all times.

Since being with the Surgery Group i have had been able to grow in confidence, at first i thought it would not work on me, I’m glad to have been proven wrong. The folks are great and i was lucky to have a top surgeon (Dr Nurein and his helpful and skilled assistants) to have met my expectations and beyond.Today, i feel like a new person always rather than just when i worked out at the gym and changed my physical appearance. The only thing is, that once the dream becomes reality you want more!. Totally recommend it for those that have tried everything.

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