Brilliant all round (non surgical nose job)

by admin

The whole process was absolutely fantastic and seamless. Naruschka and her staff were extremely responsive: I emailed for an appointment, I had my video consultation a week later, and then I had my in person treatment the day after.

Throughout the whole process the team were on hand to answer my questions and they sent incredibly detailed emails giving information on the treatment, recovery, how to prepare, etc etc.

Naruschka was very professional and understanding in the video consultation. I expressed the importance of my treatment being as conservative as possible; achieving my desired nose but without compromising on a natural look. Naruschka completely understood this and addressed this concern and clearly had a lot of experience dealing with more conservative patients. For example, she suggested that for the most desired effect I could have a lift at the bottom of my nose but we both came to the conclusion that other suggestions were better in addressing my concerns.

The video consultation is very useful. It’s free and there’s absolutely no pressure to go ahead with the treatment – Naruschka just wanted to understand my concerns, conduct a preliminary assessment of my nose and offer advice on how improvements could be made.

The treatment itself was very smooth. What surprised me the most is how quick it was! The first thing Naruschka did was to take “before” photos, at different angles, which were incredibly useful to contrast to the “after” photos following the treatment. Naruschka was extremely kind and reassuring and answered my many questions (relating to the treatment itself and post-recovery care). The actual procedure took about 5-10 minutes. It’s quick but you get the sense straight away that Naruschka is very skilled and experienced, moulding the filler to exactly how it should be for my nose in particular. Very bespoke!

The result is immediate. Naruschka showed me my new nose in the mirror after the procedure and I could see that the bridge I had before had disappeared like magic!

After the procedure my nose was a little sore and a day later there was slight bruising, but much less than I expected and less than you would have if you had a common cold or something. In short, in my case, the recovery time was very quick!

Very highly recommended!

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