Brilliant and Satisfactory

by admin

I have done Tear Through and I am very impressed with the results. My eyes were effected with lack of sleep, stress and dieting all the time. It was swollen, tired and made me look old and uncomfortable. I tried many cream but nothing was effective as Tear Through Treatment. It was worth spending money. I got professional consultation and check up before my treatment. I was satisfy with the consultation and looking at other customer results. The first application of Tear Through could see showed me the results. Naurauska from Botonics took her time to see my eyes and went through the treatment safely and took time to make sure i won’t feel uncomfortable. She was very calm, friendly and professional.

I used to hide my eyes with glasses and never put much make up as they used to look awful even with make up. Now, i am surprised that how it has changed my eyes, my skin shines and my eyes looks so much better. I am so happy with the treatment and will do in the future instead of wasting money on eye creams. The best thing about treatment is, it last for 12 to 14 months.

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