Cheek, jaw and chin fillers + fat removal injections.

by admin

As I’ve aged towards my late 20’s and have a job which involves being in front of camera, I have noticed things about my appearance which have decreased and become personal insecurities of mine. I was physically in better shape during my younger years and my face had become more circular, losing definition and structure around my bone areas. I was really struggling to accept the consequences of aging and tried taking better care of my health, fitness and nutrition. Due to my busy schedule it has been hard to maintain consistency and discipline therefore I haven’t been getting the results that I desire. Botonics fixed my problem. They offered me a safe and comfortable solution with fillers and fat removal injections. This is something that I have never thought about and didn’t even know exists. The thought of plastic surgery is extremely daunting and most people would be too afraid to dare go ahead with such a thing…However, they also all have personal insecurities which they would remove in a heartbeat if found the opportunity to do so. Non-surgical fillers helped bring back the shadow, tone and definition which I thought that I lost in my younger years and made me happy with my appearance again which I haven’t been in the recent years of my life. They are incredible at what they do, are well educated within the industry with experience and knowledge. I couldn’t recommend them any more if I tried. I felt like I was in safe and secure hands during the whole process right from the first consultation right to the final procedures. Thank you Bill, you and your amazing team gave me the confidence to embrace myself and be more comfortable in front of camera.

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