Clear, friendly and straight forward service

by admin

I contacted Botonics when I found out I’d have to wait over a year under the NHS to see a dermatologist. I’ve been suffering from acne since being a teenager and being in my late 20s and getting married next year made me really want to get rid of my acne as soon as possible as well as to improve my confidence.
From the initial consultation throughout the entire course of treatment I was taken care of really well – the customer service was great, doctor Divya was super friendly and helpful and you’re prescribed the course so efficiently but safely at the same time. Being able to do the blood tests in Harley Street and being straight in and out, and doing your pregnancy tests at home and sending photos means you don’t have to go out of your way to hospitals for appointments but you’re still looked after well. If I ever needed anything I knew I could always phone the clinic or send them an email and I’d get a response straight away.
My skin has improved massively and I have no more acne left which is great. After the initial 2-3 months the skin just gets better and better. My Dr was also able to recommend some creams/serums that I could get at a local pharmacy that would help me with the dryness in the skin which was great.
I’d definitely recommend Botonics to a friend!

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