Completely worth the investment

by admin

I have always used the NHS for my medical treatments so was a little nervous to go private. I researched a lo before choosing Botonics and I’m really glad I did. I decided to go private after waiting for several months on the NHS and also being unable to attend in person appointments – the fact that Botonics offers a fully remote service was absolutely amazing. I had all my appointments, blood test, pregnancy tests and communication via phone and email which was great during covid and also as I was moving house and unable to remain with one in-person clinic.

I really appreciated the free, no obligation consultation before the treatment. They were quick to respond to my queries and everything went very smoothly – after payment it took around 2 weeks to get started. It was very easy to complete my blood tests and other checks. The staff were friendly and helpful and always on hand to respond to any queries or questions I had.

I had a 6 month course of accutane and I have gone from severe cystic acne (and all the physical and mental pain that comes with that) to virtually no spots, and just a bit of scarring. I had some side effects which are to be expected with accutane, but the doctor gave me good advice to deal with these. My side effects were mainly dry and sensitive skin, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a good moisturiser and hydration.

I am now much more confident and comfortable in my skin. I would reccomend Botonics to anyone who is able to afford to go private – it saves a lot of time and stress of being on waiting lists. I am very glad I chose Botonics and I am very pleased with my results!

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