Don’t delay! Start your treatment today

by admin

I discovered Botonics after an extremely unproductive 7 and a half minutes in Harley Street that cost me nearly £400. I found myself with nothing show besides a list of equally expensive follow up appointments before I could begin my treatment for my skin. I was looking for a service that I could understand the full costs upfront, and could be more flexible around appointments and testing. Botonics responded to me almost immediately and I had virtual appointment with a doctor in no time at all! Everything was so simple and straightforward – with all the information I could possible want available either straight away from the doctor or provided in only a few hours over email.
Bill and team are extremely helpful and responsive. They are super flexible with appointments – offering many evening options which is really helpful when you work long hours. The thing that I’ve really loved about Botonics is that it can work as an all-inclusive service – including fulfilling the prescriptions, the various tests, the doc check ups etc. This really helps with the budgeting and organisation of the whole treatment.
I won’t lie, the treatment itself can be quite challenging. The side effects can be quite uncomfortable. Fear not! It is so worth it, and Botonics give you loads of advice to help minimise and manage these. I promise..once you get through the first few weeks you’ll start to see the difference. I am now just over half way through my treatment. My skin has completely transformed and its almost completely clear..I’m now only getting the odd blemish. I feel really supported by the team even though it is all virtual.
The whole process with Botonics is so organised and quick – I really couldn’t recommend them more. My only regret was that I didn’t find Botonics and try Roaccutane sooner!

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