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I decided that I wanted to have Vaser Lipo on my outer thighs, so searched the internet. There were so many companies and it was hard to know from a website which one would fulfill my needs. Botonics was one of the websites that came up from my search and there was a ‘Contact us’ box, so I did. Within a day Bill, who is truly wonderful and one of the most professional dedicated people I have experienced called me back. We played phone tag for a day or so, but he always called me back. Once we spoke I soon realised how knowledgeable he was. I wanted to be make an appointment to see a Surgeon, and Bill made that happen within two days. The consultation was free, in Central London and I was able to get an evening appointment – perfect!. I met Mr Joffily, who is a highly qualified skilled surgeon. I knew straight away that i wanted him to do the Vaser Lipo. One the day of my procedure i was very relaxed and excited and I was basing that on my experience so far. I was not disappointed when i met Mr Joffily again. He is very professional and he gave me such confidence. I had a local anesthetic, which was less painful than expected, in fact the whole procedure was less painful than expected. All the way through the procedure My Joffily checked to make sure I was Ok and the nurse working with his was amazingly kind. The next day Bill called and asked how I was, I have never experienced such 5* treatment. I only had the procedure done four days ago and already I’m walking properly and can see a difference, what an amazing job Mr Joffily has done. If you are planning to have any Vaser Lipo then I would call Bill and book in with Mr Joffily.

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