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As a late forties man pleased at successfully losing weight I found myself however with the unwelcome side effects of gaunt looks, deep tear troughs and sagging nasal folds.

I looked online at the possibility of correcting the problem and initially found a clinic on the continent that seemed to offer an answer with something called a feather lift.

The continental clinic scheduled me for a interview with the surgeon which was great- until I was advised that the only solution would be an expensive full mini-lift procedure. When I asked if there was any alternative, less invasive treatment I was told there was none suitable in my case. More worryingly, in my opinion, they seemed to grossly underestimate the recover time required.

I turned back to the internet and had the excellent good fortune to find the Botonics website. There was a number to call and I spoke to Bill who was superb and spent 40 or so minutes very clearly explaining the alternatives to surgery. Filler treatments, although not permanent, were minimally invasive, had minimal recovery time and could produce very good results. Having sent photos I was given a clear estimate of costs and subsequently booked a consultation.

Naruschka who conducted the consultation exuded professionalism and was more than happy to spend time answering all the last minute questions of a rather nervous potential patient. After our chat I was more than happy to proceed with the proposed filler treatment.

The results- I was delighted and best thing of all I was able to walk out back to the hotel looking improved- but normal- no scars, no significant swelling and no time off work.

Afternote: About a month after treatment I had cause for concern when I noticed swelling around my eye. I suspected it may be a mosquito bite (I work overseas where they are common) but was nevertheless worried it might be a reaction. Although very late afternoon I contacted Botonics urgently,

The response couldn’t have been swifter. Bill emailed back, Naruschka was consulted and full advice on a precautionary course of medication was given in case of a possible infection or reaction. Bill continued to follow up daily on my status and after a day or two the swelling completely disappeared. Maybe a false alarm- but I was truly impressed and indeed grateful for Bill and Naruschka‘s fast response, concern and help.

I would be more than happy to recommend Botonics to anyone.

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