Excellent Naruschka! Excellent result!

by admin

At first I was very nervous though am decided to go through it. But, when I met Naruschka, I was overwhelmed with her kindness and excellent professional approach. I can tell straight away that this lady knows exactly what she is doing and as we were having a conversation I can see it from her that she knows what I need and what result I want to achieved.

Today, I can see the true transformation of my nose as the swelling has totally gone down and I all I can say.. am blessed to know her and her lovely team who had been very supportive from day one and am so glad I have chosen Botonics.

Based on my experience, total healing takes time. So, I suggest if you have a special occasion to attend to, please have it done a month before that occasion for a perfect look. However, it depends on the person.

For those scared of pain, well, I felt nothing except a little bit on my nostril but it’s alright. Naruschka will see to to it that you are at your most comfortable condition.

I had a long journey with the annoying underground train noise, etc, however, my effort was worth it.

It’s a fulfilled dream for me.

Thank you Naruschka for doing the best for me and my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team. And, I shall see you again very soon. Xxx

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