Excellent Service and Results

by admin

Unfortunately after a first round of Accutane treatment at a low dose in another country, my acne returned almost 100% about 9 months later. I was not sure if I’d be able to find treatment during COVID. Thankfully Botonics was available and had an already well-established treatment process adjusted to ongoing COVID precautions/ restrictions.

After a consultation to see if Accutane was still an appropriate treatment, my Botonics dermatologist explained the entire treatment plan and the steps that would be needed and when. Appointments are done over WhatsApp at convenient times that fit around my work schedule. Blood tests can either be done by mail or by going to the central London office. I opted for the office tests, and it only takes a few minutes and I was the only customer present for a test.

One of the most convenient things has been to receive all the medication prescribed at once, since I travel frequently for work and the medication is not always available at pharmacies. Botonics then checks in on how treatment is going and adjusts the dose as needed.

Email correspondence with Botonics staff has been extremely helpful, with fast replies and excellent service and coordination. So happy to have found Botonics, as my acne has already improved greatly and their advice and treatment plan has been more thorough than my previous dermatologist.

Persons suffering from acute acne know how much clear skin can make a difference in your daily life, and I have confidence than Botonics will keep working to find a solution for me until the acne has subsided. It is such a relief to have clear skin soon and know that I can manage treatment with Botonics from anywhere in the world, due to their remote treatment modalities. I highly recommend their services if private treatment is an option for you.

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