Excellent service, personal approach, great communication.

by admin

I keep young, active and healthy, but at 40 the sleepless nights (I have young children) and using a lot of facial expression began to show and I really wanted to find a way to refresh my face and get rid of baggy eyes, hollow cheeks and very prominent nose-mouth lines. I’ve heard of Botonics from a friend, who uses their service regularly, and I went for a consultation. I have received a very thorough, honest and no nonsense advice. They answered all my questions about my type of skin, available treatments, their effect, how long would they last, the products they are using, the product safety record, etc. They also never tried to sell me more than I actually needed. I have decided to go for the “fillers”, the lady who performed the treatment is a trained and experienced health professional, she was very thorough and didn’t cut any corners. The treatment wasn’t very pleasant (sorry!), but bearable and I could see the results immediately! It took a couple of days for the tenderness to subside, but it was all well worth it, as I look just like I did 10-15 years ago! It won’t change your face, it just takes off years of worry! And the service, after treatment client care and communication are next to none. I would recommend Botonics to everyone!

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