Excellent service throughout.

by admin

Before deciding to go ahead with vaser liposuction I attended several consultations with various clinics. Many seemed good, but I was thoroughly persuaded that Botonics was able to provide precisely what I was looking for.

Bill was wonderful from the very first phone call, and able to arrange an initial consultation around my schedule. After I went ahead with the surgery he was equally attentive, and checked in on me several times after surgery to check my on recovery.

Whilst the service was terrific, it was my initial conversation that persuaded me that Botonics was the right choice. Dr Hamlet took the time to answer all my questions, but also made sure I was clear as to what could be realistically achieved with the surgery. On the day itself, the team assisting Dr Hamlet were wonderful, and made sure I was calm and comfortable before and after the operation.

I have been delighted with the service from both Bill and Dr Hamlet, and am extremely happy with the results.

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