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Hello there, I was recommended the Botonoks by a girlfriend of mine, because I have always been embarassed about the shape of my nose, especially because during the conversation, the tip of my nose slightly moved, being a little low. I always felt it had to be lifted a little,especially because I act in films and theatre, and often in front of the camera, taking pictures from different angles. I approached the clinic for the recommendation of possible procedures, not involving plastic surgery. I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere in the clinic.They clearly explained what would be done, and I gladly accepted the treatment. It was fantastic, I will never regret it. The doctors took great care of me after the treatment, it was not painful, and just a few minutes spent in the clinic gave me new confidence in myself. Now I can easily stand in front of the camera without worrying about best angles, and I can easily move around the stage. I would like to thank all the staff for the great atmosphere, and for the job well done. Inessa Amber

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