Exceptional service for a miracle acne treatment

by admin

When browsing online to find out more about private services that provided Roaccutane treatment, botonics popped up, full of positive reviews – so positive (compared to the other far and few across the UK) that I was almost sceptical. Yet, 2 and a half months into treatment, the service has been as professional, pleasant and smooth as I had previously read.

First, I would have gone through the NHS. But, in absolute desperation, as I’m in my late 20s, my scarring is significantly more severe and waiting for 6 months+ just for an appointment was not feasible. Also, when I tried this treatment over 6 years ago (it really is a miracle drug, flawless clear skin for 5 years), the NHS give you a month’s worth of the prescribed drug per monthly appointment. If they can’t see you within a month (happened a couple of times), and there are gaps in-between the medication (which is really not good), you experience all the early unpleasant side effects of the medication again and again (dry skin and bone aches). Botonics avoid this ordeal by sending it all at once, covering all the months – perfect for lockdown covid-times when our appointments keep getting postponed!

So, saving face (quite literally), I emailed in, and within a few days, they had already booked a non-pressurising (and free!) consultation to go over treatments and whether Roaccutane was the best course of action. As it was, Bill very kindly explained payment approaches (IUD saves you money), and patiently waited for my transfers and the information that I had to provide upfront. Under two weeks later I had already begun the medication and my skin has improved dramatically over the last two months. My face is now completely clear, just cystic acne on my neckline and neck to go – but you can visibly see the gradual transition to clear skin almost daily!

Over the last couple of months, Bill and the team have been extremely kind, accommodating and patient despite my own shortfallings as a customer/patient (messing up blood test kits as I live on my own and mainly my slow replies due to large workload). 10/10 would recommend.

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