Fantastic Non- Surgical Nose Job (no bruising no blood)

by admin

Nerushka is amazing at non- surgical nose jobs. She is so good, that even if you pay to get one done (top ups) every year you don’t mind paying whatever just to avoid going through the painful experience of getting a real one done. She can make your nose look suttle, dramatically different, more feminine (or masculine and symetrical just with a few injections! Most people can’t tell I’ve had it done but i get alot more attention (from same sex and opposite) and compliments to say i look really good (even my pictures on Facebook get more likes). She listens to exactly what you want and this is probably my 4th time going to her and wouldn’t dare go to anyone else even if they charged half the price. Going to Botonics you have peace of mind you will feel and look beautiful when you leave her consultation room, you don’t get that awkward anxiety you normally would thinking “oh my god what the hell am i going to look like after” you feel excited everytime you go back. You get used to the image she creates for you that you’ve always wanted and she helps maintain it by remembering what you always want to achieve when you visit her. Nerushka is also very fun to talk to and bubbly, so if you have a fear of needles or blood etc you will probably forget about that as soon as you walk in 🙂 Bill is also very helpful and will do anything to accommodate your availability if you are a busy person! Xx

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