Fantastic, very safe and calm experience

by admin

I had my tear trough procedure done about 3 weeks ago now. I booked my appointment through Bill who is in charge of clients and appointments. I found him very helpful and pleasant. He contacted me and advised me about pre-care.I saw Dr. Naruschka in Battersea clinic. She was very nice, not pushy and explained everything to me to the smallest detail. The procedure was nearly painless numbing cream was applied before which made the treatment comfortable. During the tear trough procedure Dr.Naruschka was making sure that I am ok. The whole procedure took about 30min and results were amazing. My deep dark circles vanished!
After treatment Dr.Naruschka advised about after care and what to expecth in the next tree days. The next day I was a little bit swollen but no bruises at all. Although I felt bit of discomfort in my right eye during sneezing or coughing I contacted Bill immediately and he arranged appointment with Dr.Naruschka straight away who resolve the discomfort by massaging filler. I attended my 2 weeks follow up appointment and everything is great and it was definitely worth it every penny.

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