filler cheek/tear trough. best thing Ive done for my self confidence !

by admin

I have had 3 filler cheek/tear trough area over the last three years. I can honestly say from that day, it really did change my life! I used to be REALLY self conscious about my “dark circles” “hollow eyes/cheeks” to the point where it really affected my life. I would avoid nights out so I didnt look tired and make them look worse. I would go to the mirror each morning, look at my face , feel down and not want to go out to meet friends etc. This may sound over dramatic but anyone who is looking for this treatment will understand.

I was super nervous of course, but can honestly say I loved the difference it makes immediately. Couldn’t stop looking at my face the following day , the difference a tiny little bit of the filler makes. I had 1cc between both cheeks/under eyes. No one at all would ever know I had anything done, but I definitely receive comments on looking “fresh” which I can assure you did not happen before.

Each treatment has looked fantastic and I would not trust anyone else with my face! I actually travel from Durham to Botonics after doing my research of whom to go to for treatment.

The treatment itself doesn’t take long, it is a strange feeling but really doesn’t hurt that much. I am a wimp and it really doesn’t bother me! I never write reviews for anything and have been intending to do this for a long time. I have felt completely comfortable the whole time, never felt rushed , a great treatment/clinic. Worth every penny.

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