Finally, a solution to your acne!

by admin

If you’ve been suffering for years, spent lots of money on treatments and expensive products to get rid of your acne, but had no success, give Roaccutane with Botonics a go!

I suffered with mild to moderate acne from the age of 22, it really messed with my confidence, I was tired of trying to conceal my active spots, and scars left from previous ones. When I hit 30, I decided enough was enough, the NHS wouldn’t help, so I had to take matters into my own hands. When I found Botonics, I was super excited I wanted to get started right away, and much to my surprise, that is exactly what happened, within 2-3 weeks I had started my treatment.

The team at Botonics were great, everything was explained to me beforehand and any questions or concerns were clarified. I had a very minor purge, but all in all a pretty smooth ride with little to no side effects, my lips did dry out from the first three days right until the end of my treatment as well as dry patches on my arms, but nothing a bit of extra moisturiser couldn’t sort out. I reached out to the team a couple of times during my treatment and received a response within a few hours, which was great as I was reassured that I had support along the way.

Everything was very organised, from the blood test to the monthly check-ups, I was given options for days and times, all I had to do was pick a time that suited me.

I’m very happy with my results and feel hopeful that my skin will stay this way. I just wish I had discovered this sooner!

I would highly recommend Roaccutane and Botonics to anyone who is looking for a solution for their acne.

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