Great experience!

by admin

I’ve always had acne since I was in primary school and it continued till sixth form, by then I had tried all the over the counter products and antibiotics but nothing worked and it really worried me as I was developing really bad scars on my face which of course affected me emotionally and physically as it was really painful. I had contacted the NHS however I was told my first checkup appointment would be in a year which was too long to wait and so I contacted botonics dermatologist which I can say was the best decision I had made. After speaking with a member of their team, I was given a free consultation with one of their doctors a week later which was amazing. The whole process was very quick and well organised which resulted in me getting my medication within 2 weeks of joining botonics. I had scheduled checkup with my own personal dermatologist which was nice.

The treatment itself went well, I had a purge fit the first 2 months which I wasn’t worried about as I had been informed by my dermatologist that a purge was going to happen. Whilst on the medication I mainly experienced really dry skin on both my face and body which I used products like cerave lotion, cetraben ointment, burts bees and carmex for. There are other side effects as well which I was made aware about as I received lots of emails from botonics advising me on what to do if I experienced certain side effects, this made me feel more comfortable and in control.

After the treatment I can say I’m very happy with my results and would have done this sooner had I known I would have such great results, my skin looks great and my confidence has definitely increased. I am really happy I contacted botonics and I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with their acne.

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