Great Experience

by admin

My overall experience with Botanics has been fantastic, and my dermatologist has been extremely thorough and professional throughout my isotretinoin treatment. I looked to Botanics to help me find a solution for my on going acne which I had suffered from since my 20’s, and I am now in my mid twenties. I went through the NHS previously and was prescribed many topical and antibiotics, all of which worked to a certain extent , until my cystic acne came back full force, the kind of acne that leaves permenant scarring , the scarring in itself was really starting to affect my self confidence , making it hard for me to go about my daily life effectively. I initially inquired about isotretinoin through my GP, however the waiting time on the NHS was six to eight months, I felt that waiting this long would only result in more scarring that would leave permanent damage on my skin. At this point I turned to Botanics , the consultation I had with Dr Divya was carried out via phone call as it was during lockdown , regardless of this it was very quick and efficiently carried out on time with the appropriate queries and questions answered, aswell as any concerns of the treatment discussed. Dr Divya took the appropriate steps to ensure this would be the correct treatment for me , qll side effects were explained beforehand also. I was prescribes sixth months of isotretinoin , with check ups every other month with Dr Divya which were always on time and to check progress.

I have just completed my six moths of treatment and the turnaround of my skin is amazing. I did not have an initial purge , the only side effects I experienced was some dryness going I to month three , which was easily dealt with , with aquaphor. My skin is now completely clear and I have not had a breakout in months. I no longer wake up dreading what new breakouts I will find on my face, this is simply not even worry anymore, hence it is allowed me to continue my life with confidence. I would high recommend Botanics for anyone contemplating isotretinoin , the results and service are amazing .

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