Great experience

by admin

I had tear trough filler treatment, which I was nervous about due to never knowing anyone who had had the procedure done before. I also like to use clinics that have personal recommendations but only had the internet to go by for this, reading on trustpilot I got an idea of the great service I was going to receive. Luckily all my apprehensions were lifted when I met Naruschka as she was very informative and left no question unanswered so I felt at ease. There was no hard sell in the free consultation and it was left completely up to me, after everything had been discussed, to decide whether to go through with the procedure, which I did and I am in love with the results. The procedure itself was ever so slightly painful and felt odd as I had never had filler in my face before, I swelled quite a bit but it all went down to leave me looking far more alive than before (my troughs were deep!) I look forward to going back to maintain the results.

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