Great Results with Roaccutane Treatment

by admin

My roaccutane treatment with botonics was an easy and smooth journey.
Being in an industry where my face and skin are looked at a lot, I didn’t want to wait on NHS waitlists to get my acne treated. Dr Divya listened to my concerns in my initial consultation and took into account issues I had when on a previous course of treatment through the NHS. She then created a plan that suited my needs and checked along the way that I was happy with everything which put me at ease.
The team made communications regarding my course of treatment simple and replied to emails very speedily. Any time that I had a question or issue, the team were a call or email away and were able to give me advice based on my needs. I suffered some mild side effects from the tablets and was advised in ways to help relieve the general dry skin and lips and mild joint pain – all of which are totally normal during the treatment.
The overall journey from initial consultation to taking my first dose of the tablets was only 5 days including having the blood test and getting the results, then distributing the tablets. I had to have 2 blood tests during the treatment which were arranged through a clinic recommended by botonics where I was treated with care and was very easy to arrange.
Once I started the treatment for the first month or two I had a big breakout which is completely normal to have and is a sign that the treatment is working. From after the second month on the tablets I started seeing results and every week that went by, my skin cleared more and more.
I am super happy with the overall results and have no worries about my skin anymore. I can wear no makeup and have super glowy clear skin. I am very grateful for the help and guidance from the team and would highly recommend the treatment.

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