Happy Black Customer!

by admin

I’m a black woman, my nose is naturally flat and wide due to my ethnicity and it also lacked definition as well as having a bulbous tip and bending to the left which was very noticeable in photos.

Over the years I considered getting cosmetic surgery and travelled as far as the US to consult with top rhinoplasty surgeons and nearly spent a fortune to get my nose done but I’m so grateful I didn’t!

I discovered Narushka (who is beautiful and talented) through a popular make up YouTube channel, I didn’t know much about the procedure but a few days later I called Botonics clinic and booked a consultation with her and possible procedure.

When I arrived Narushka explained in detail 1. each step of the procedure 2. what to expect 3. what type of fillers she uses in the nose. I decided to go ahead with the procedure the same day, which took about 30 mins in total including numbing cream and injections.

The procedure didn’t hurt too much but I initially had visible bruising on the top of my bridge and I could feel swelling in my nose the next day.

Narushka built up the bridge of my nose, particularly in between my eyes and even upon first sight I could see how it has given my face a more structured and balanced appearance.

I had the procedure about 6 weeks ago and I’m still floating! My nose has healed wonderfully and what I have come to understand is the structure of your nose is central to your face just like a good pair of eyebrows and a small amount of filler can completely transform your whole look!

My nose is straight and my face is more symmetrical and beautiful esp in photos while staying true to my ethnicity. Narushka’s work looks natural, she is the best I have come across and the compliments from complete strangers have been amazing and are a testament this was well worth the investment, I would recommend Narushka to my family and friends and I will definitely be back. Thanks!

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