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by admin

I have suffered from cystic acne since I was around 13. This only got worse through my teenage years, to the point where my face was scarred and red all the time, even if I was having a good week. This really affected my confidence and my wallet as I was buying anything and everything that I thought could possibly help.

I had seen multiple GPs, some of which were very helpful (some who disregarded this as a normal part of puberty). I tried oral antibiotics/ topical creams on prescription and a multitude of expensive cleansers/ toners/ drug store acne treatments. No amount of washing or killing of bacteria through antibiotics (which are a short term treatment anyway) would get rid of it and I probably spend more than the cost of this treatment on skincare in the last year and a half.

Trying to see an NHS dermatologist in the city was difficult enough without the added complications of COVID and I was desperate for treatment. At the suggestion of a friend and a quick google search, I came across Botonics. I was initially sceptical that it may be a scam or dodgy website but after reading through dozens of reviews on multiple sites, I could only come across positive experiences and the same employees mentioned so I thought I’d give it a try.

Bill is friendly, informative and very good at explaining the process of treatment including the costs, duration, mail-kit delivery and return, and reminders for regular check-ups. He is always around for a phone call or a quick email if you every have questions or want to discuss anything. Dr Divya is a friendly, kind and very knowledgeable doctor who fielded my many questions with ease and is active on social media teaching about proper skincare herself. She made it painless to begin treatment after receiving my blood-tests and was always available to text/call should anything serious arise.

I have now finished my course of the medication and can very happily report a complete turnaround in my skin. The side-effects of dryness were acute for me since I have sensitive skin but with copious amounts of body lotion and high-strength lip balms, it was quite manageable and the results were definitely worth it.

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