Highly Recommend for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty!!!

by admin

I rarely take time to write out reviews, but the professionalism and quality of the service and care I have received in my 3 procedures at Botonics have been truly exceptional, and I would highly recommend Botonics to anyone seeking a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The results of the procedures have been impeccable every single time due to the meticulous work ethic of Naruschka. She adapts the procedure to your features and proportions to make your nose as aesthetically pleasing as possible from every angle, and is very responsive to what is most important to you and which aspect of your nose you are unhappy with. I explained to Naruschka in my first appointment what bothered me about my nose from the front and side profiles, and she was very attentive and was able to lift the tip and straighten the bridge. I could not be happier with results. It is so much more convenient than a surgical rhinoplasty as well; it takes 20 minutes and involves almost no pain. Naruschka always takes time to explain everything involved in the procedure (side-effects, after care, recommended products), and is always happy to answer any question to ensure you feel informed and comfortable. Booking appointments is also extremely easy as Botonics is very quick to respond. I am so grateful for Naruschka and Botonics and would not seek any other professional for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

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