Honest and knowledgable!

by admin

I saw Naruschka for the Tear Trough treatment and am very happy with the results. Naruschka is very calm and has a way about her that instantly puts you at ease.. Naruschka was very honest and advised me that the tear trough treatment was not ideally be the best treatment for me as I had herniated fat under my eyes and that she has had patients that it has worked but others it hasn’t and that I should really think about it. I decided to go ahead and I’m glad I did as I’m really pleased with the results. Considering I was a difficult candidate for the procedure shows how very skilled she is. I would recommend botonics to anyone who is looking into having something done. I would also like to add the Bill the coordinator has been very helpful from arranging my consultation to checking up to see if everything went ok. Thank you.

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