I chose to go with Botanics for the quality service

by admin

I chose to go with Botanics for roaccutane to treat my acne as I had tried multiple other treatments at the GP and nothing worked. I found the process to be really easy and clear. I firstly made an inquiry and very shortly afterwards I was speaking to a specialist free of charge. Within a week of this I was having my blood tests and then on the medication. I have also received regular check ins with the dermatologist and from the people that work at Botanics. They are incredibly helpful and very organised. This made the whole process a lot easier. I am glad I went through Botanics and it was so much quicker than I expected and very easy.

Further, the care and attention that they provide is excellent. They clearly focus on you and make sure that everything is as you expect and address any concerns. They ensure that they follow up with you as well after every appointment which is great.

Overall, it is a personal service which is transparent throughout with no pressure on you. I am so glad I went with Botanics and highly recommend them.

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