I couldn’t recommend this service enough.

by admin

I began to develop acne at age 13. This took a huge toll on my confidence and tried desperately to get rid of it through over the counter products, to changing my diet, and trying prescriptions my gp gave me from the mini pill, to antibiotics and topical treatments. While some things temporarily helped, nothing completely got rid of my acne. I had asked my gp to put me on accutane several times but due to the short supply of the treatment the NHS has, I was denied several times.

After years of it getting worse, I decided to go private. I worried that as an A level student, the appointments and blood tests would take up a lot of time; which is why I was so glad when I found out that with botonics, you can do it all online. The process was very smooth sailing. From the moment reached out, I was on the medication within a couple of weeks.

Dr Divya and the rest of the team were extremely helpful and provided all of the support I needed. She explained the whole process and answered the many questions I had in detail and depth, which I was grateful for.

I had minimal side effects as when I started to experience some negative ones, I was able to contact the team and they suggested a lower dose which helped. I started to experience clear skin around end of month three, and I have not had a breakout since. I have recommended a friend of mine who has acne and is struggling to get accutane through the NHS to reach out to botonics.

I am so happy with my decision to not only go on accutane, but to have found botonics who made the process very smooth sailing. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I finally feel a lot more confident in my skin and in myself generally.

Dr Divya has now prescribed me products to help with my skin post accutane, which will help with the red marks I have left from having acne for many years. This type of service you just couldn’t get unless you went private. To me, it has been worth every penny, and I can’t recommend botonics enough.

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