I decided to visit Botonics for a…non-surgical nose treatment

by admin

I decided to visit Botonics for a non-surgical nose treatment. As I get older I felt my nose was looking larger in proportion to my face but do not want to go as far as surgery. The treatment itself is amazing. Whilst, of course, not altering the size of your nose the line of my nose has changed and looks a lot better placed. The best way to describe the results is that my face overall looks a lot more balanced / even / symmetrical.

The treatment itself is painless but expect your nose to be tender for a week afterwards, the worst being the day after. Your nose looks swollen and red for a few days, like you have a cold but makeup easily covers it. I did not go to work the next day but you could if you do not want the downtime.

The team who looked after me – coordinator Bill and specialist Naruschka Henriques – were brilliant. Everything was explained and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. Nice and relaxed atmosphere and there was no pressure to proceed with the treatment if I did not want to.

Natuschka also noticed sagging round my jawline which had happened due to recent weight loss and pointed out that my overall aesthetic could be improved by improving the transition from my jaw to chin. A couple of simple and painless minutes later and all sorted.

As you can see I am really happy with my experience and the great level of service I received. I will be returning.

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