I found Naruschka on line from…

by admin

I found Naruschka on line from excellent reviews and I have not looked back since 2017 . She is the most amazing practitioner, never pushy and always listening to what I actually want ( or don’t want ) to look like .
Her advice is based on her obvious knowledge of anatomy and the science of the products used . I have absolute trust in her ability .
I started with Botox and despite my fear of fillers , have progressed ( with fears unfounded ) to a natural look with them .She’s worked on my nose to mouth lines / cheeks and forehead and I’ve been happy with all .
We now have a plan to tackle my sagging neck as I head towards my 60 th next year . I don’t want to look younger , like many of us . I just don’t want to look angry and sad !

You couldn’t be in safer hands . Backed up by Bill and Cassie in the office who always respond and are extremely helpful , botanics are the best package in town !

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