I got dermal fillers done at Botonics…

by admin

I got dermal fillers done at Botonics for the first time when I was 18 years of age. I was unhappy with how my nose looked as there was a small bump and the tip of my nose pointed slightly downwards when I smiled, I was also really self-conscious about my nose to mouth lines as it was genetic and I inherited it from my family. So I got fillers done and now I feel much more confident and I loved the results which is why I have been visiting many times since last year, I am now 19 years old and I visit botonics every 9 to 10 months to receive treatment. I live all the way in Bath which is quite far from London. The reason I travel a distance just to get dermal fillers is because botonics from my experience is one of the best clinics in London for dermal fillers and Botox. I am pleased with every treatment that I received with Naruschka Henriques. She is very lovely and consistent and made me feel comfortable which helped with my nerves. My coordinator is Bill Green who is very helpful and reliable when it comes to booking appointments and asking for advise, as he replies to the emails quite quickly. The timing and the service of the clinic is great, the staff are really friendly. The price of the treatment is also reasonable which is great. The consultations with the specialists are free, and the actual treatment involves minimal pain, only a slight discomfort which is good. Everyone will react differently to the treatment, but the clinic provides really helpful and useful pre and post treatment care advice such as applying arnica cream and taking arnica tablets which really helped me with the process of healing. After my first treatment I had some bruising and swelling as my skin is quite sensitive, so the cream and tables were beneficial for me. Overall, I am pleased with every appointment I had with botonics and I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is planning to get dermal fillers.

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